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Preferential prices for services at constant cooperation.


Access and repair the location of the customer
(Not applicable to complex defects requiring specialized equipment and working conditions)

Short deadlines repair.

High voltage battery disconnect in hybrid and electric cars, the launch of high-voltage battery is locked in an accident.

Transport vehicle passed to our repair and deliver it to the indicated place after successful repair.

Help in finding costly parts and drivers of automotive electronics in an acceptable price for the customer Prospecting run on secondary markets, we used auto parts across Europe, and also in China and the USA.

For the services we guarantee efficient and reliable service.

Complex repair of electronic systems damaged by running water and high temperatures.

We diagnose and repair cars of all brands of cars and vans.

We are always open to new challenges and projects. We will attempt to repair also the speedboat and self-propelled mower, electric bike and flying drone. In everything that is related to electronics ...

Kindly invite you to cooperation!

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